Updated: March 28, 2024

36 Trendy Stationery Gifts for Teens: Unleash their Creativity!

Stationery Gifts for Teens to enhance their productivity

Explore our selected Stationery Gifts for Teens, showcasing style, creativity, and self-expression. Handwritten notes, personalized journals, and unique stationery have enduring charm. Teens can use these items to imagine, write, and be unique in a screen-filled world. We have stationery gifts that can inspire creativity and empower teens to use pen and paper. They can use them for school, journaling, or brightening their day. Explore our fun and trendy stationery gifts that will make any teenager’s day happier. The writing helps to find gifts for stationery lovers.

Spiral Notebook Set

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The set of six spiral notebooks in charming pastel shades is ideal for school or work. These cute notebooks are college-ruled and have 70 sheets of double-sided paper. They are also three-hole punched. With an 8″ x 10-1/2″ size, they provide ample writing space and fit into binders.

These notebooks have micro-perforated sheets for easy tearing. They come in pastel pink, yellow, orange, purple, green, and blue. The paperboard covers are premium and coated for durability and style. They are an excellent choice for organization and note-taking.

Note Cards With Monogram

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Elevate your notes with elegant blank cards from Designer Greetings. These beautiful cards have gold foil designs on ivory card stock and linen finish. You can choose from monogrammed options and thank-you cards for any occasion.

The set comes in a strong brown box with a clear lid. It includes ten envelopes with gold foil lining and 10 note cards with gold foil embossing. Designer Greetings is a leader in the industry. They offer over 23,000 designs to make your messages stand out.

Gel Ink Ball Pens

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This pen is perfect for making bright, detailed drawings. The ink won’t smudge, and the barrel helps you control your lines. This pen is perfect for art projects and bullet journaling.

It has a very thin tip and comes in 20 bright colors. It creates clean, precise lines without smudging. Pilot sells different writing tools like highlighters and fountain pens for different uses.

Mechanical Pencil

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These pencils have strong 0.9mm lead that won’t break, so you can write and take notes. With quick lead advancement and easy erasing, your work stays tidy.

Their vibrant barrel design adds a touch of fun, making them great for sharing. These mechanical pencils are perfect for school supplies. They perform well as number 2 pencils.

Block Eraser

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This exceptional latex-free eraser makes erasing a breeze with minimal effort. You can use its block shape to erase small corners and large areas. Say goodbye to the frustrating issues of smudged ink, ripped paper, and unwanted traces.

It remains soft and effective over time, avoiding the issues of cracking or hardening. It has a handy protective sleeve to keep you and the eraser clean and ready for action. It’s your reliable tool for clean and hassle-free erasing.

Double Hole Pencil Sharpener

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Discover the versatile dual-diameter pencil sharpener, perfect for all your needs. Two holes fit different pencil sizes, like colored pencils and regular ones. It’s a handy makeup pencil sharpener, ensuring your eyebrows and lip liners stay sharp.

This cordless sharpener is compact and fits in pencil cases, drawers, or bags. Say goodbye to boring times with this handy tool, no matter where you are. It keeps your pencils sharp and is easy to carry.

Hallmark Stationery Set

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Upgrade your note-writing experience with this versatile stationery boxed set. The set includes ten blank cards with envelopes. It also has 20 writing sheets with envelopes. Additionally, there is a 75-sheet memo pad. , there are 30 floral stickers to seal letters. The reusable box, complete with dividers, keeps you organized.

You can use these stationery essentials for everyday or special occasions. They’re perfect for saying thanks, celebrating, or saying hello. These boutique-sized cards make a great gift for people who like writing letters and sending cards—high-quality paper, sourced and printed. The cards measure 5.5″ x 4″.


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Prepare for a colorful school year with the Crayola Bulk Marker Set. This pack has 200 Fine Line Markers in 10 classic Crayola colors. It’s great for students and teachers. These versatile markers ensure vibrant results without any paper bleed-through.

The Classpack assortment is perfect for back-to-school supplies. The reusable storage box keeps markers organized by color. Prepare to explore a wide range of markers that inspire creativity and self-expression.

Colored Pencils

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Get creative with the Crayola Colored Pencils set. It comes with 24 packs of 12-count colored pencils. These strong, ready-to-use pencils, with many bright colors, are great for school and art.

Their break-resistant soft cores ensure long-lasting use. These materials are safe for kids five and up, so they’re great for school and home art projects. Use these colored pencils to bring your ideas to life and fuel your imagination.

Sticky Notes

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Post-it Super Sticky Notes! They come in bright colors and sizes of 3×3 inches. These sticky notes are perfect for reminding you about Agile or Scrum processes. They stick well to doors, windows, and walls. With 15 pads per pack and 45 sheets per pad, you have plenty for all your note-taking needs.

These notes are recyclable and sourced from managed forests. Improve productivity with the free Post-it App. Capture and share ideas, track tasks, and sync notes across devices and platforms. Use Dropbox, Trello, and PowerPoint. Stay organized and make your ideas stand out with Post-it Super Sticky Notes.


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Teachers recommend the Fiskars Wooden Ruler for kids of all ages. Upgrade your school supplies with it. You can use this ruler in the classroom or home for art projects. It has clear inch and centimeter marks for accurate measurements.

The plastic edge helps you draw straight lines. Fiskars’ craft supplies are reliable and durable. Get rid of measuring problems. Use this reliable wooden ruler for accurate measurements without hassle.

Index Cards

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Oxford’s ruled index cards are a pack of 300 made in the USA. These white cards are great for taking quick and clear notes. You can use them at school, home, or office.

With their compact size, you can study and prepare anywhere. Get organized with Oxford index cards. They’re reliable and perfect for all your note-taking needs.

Desk Organizer

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Upgrade your letters with the flexible Hallmark stationery set, perfect for different events. The set includes ten blank cards and 20 writing sheets with envelopes. It also has a 75-sheet memo pad and 30 floral stickers for sealing letters. The reusable box with dividers keeps your cards organized.

These basic writing materials are great for everyday use and special events such as weddings or work. It’s an ideal gift for letter-writers, card-senders, and stationery enthusiasts. The small cards are 5.2″ x 3.75″ and printed on good paper from managed forests.

Correction Tape

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Introducing the hybrid correction tape applicator – it’s like a pen and dispenser in one. The tape applicator’s head pivots, so you can fix mistakes without waiting for it to dry. Adjust the tape using the rewind knob; rest assured, it’s break-proof.

Plus, it comes with a retractable tip cover for added convenience. The economy pack includes ten correction tape applicators. They are efficient and affordable for all your needs.

Correction Fluid

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Meet Paper Mate’s quick-drying correction fluid in classic white. This correction fluid is top-notch. It has a foam applicator that covers it quickly. It covers ballpoint, gel, rollerball, and most marker inks without cracking.

Besides, it matches white paper so that you can use it for corrections without problems. Say farewell to mistakes with Paper Mate’s efficient correction fluid.

Desk Organizer Tray

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Experience ultimate desk organization with this versatile desktop file organizer. The desk organizer has four sliding trays, 2 hanging pencil holders with hooks, and one sliding drawer.

It can store pens, pencils, scissors, folders, and Letter/A4 Size Paper. The screw-free installation design ensures easy assembly in minutes. Make your office life easier with this organizer. It helps you work, keep your desk tidy, and stay focused.

Pen Holder Pouch

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Discover a top-notch organization with this high-quality pen case made of Oxford fabric. The material is stretchy and durable, which makes it perfect for storing pens and other items.

The case has helpful sections. It has a pocket for cards or change, a mesh pocket for cables or earbuds, and pen loops for writing instruments. The roomy bottom compartment holds various items, from pencils to calculators. You can use this case as an office organizer, travel bag, makeup pouch, or pencil holder.


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These scissors can cut paper, cardboard, fabric, photos, and more in the office. This set includes three gray, green, and violet pairs, ready for various tasks. Their blades are different because they have a special PVD coating. These blades are stronger and last longer than regular stainless steel blades.

They stay sharp even after 100,000 cuts. These scissors provide comfort. They have handles that are easy to hold, no matter if you are right or left-handed. This colorful scissor set is a reliable addition to your office tools.

Magic Tape

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Experience this package’s convenience, including a stylish black desktop dispenser. This tape is perfect for offices, homes, and schools. It’s the best choice for fixing paper and won’t show on copies. It pulls off the roll and cuts.

Additionally, it’s photo-safe, ensuring its suitability for various tasks. You can use this tape for many things because it is versatile. It comes with six rolls, each measuring 3/4 inch by 1000 inches, and a 1-inch core. It also includes one dispenser. You can use it to label containers, fix torn money, and attach receipts for scanning. It’s an essential tool for any workspace.

Pencil Holder

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Upgrade your desk organization with this durable and stylish PVC leather pencil holder. The round design is durable and has a soft lining to protect items from scratches. The non-slip mesh base keeps it in place.

The desk accessory can hold many items like pens, brushes, and makeup, making it more modern. This organizer can hold scissors, utility knives, and other tools. It is useful in offices, classrooms, or homes. It’s versatile. This holder has a special design that adds creativity to your workspace.

Paper Clip

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Elevate your document organization with this set of 96 medium-sized binder clips. These clips are 1.25 inches wide and can securely fasten big stacks of loose paper. These tools have a strong black triangular design, silver arms, and a reliable grip.

Sturdy 40Mn, which is carbon steel, makes them. These clips are easy to remove, ensuring quick access to your documents. These items can withstand repeated use and return to their original shape. They are great for home, office, or school.

Stationery Set

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This convenient package includes four essential tools to help you achieve your goals. The planner has monthly calendars. It also has pages for bullet journaling and lined sheets for writing in a journal. Additionally, it has space for special events. Get creative with 37 pages you can personalize using stickers, pens, and tape.

This trendy, small planner is six by 8 inches and fits in your bag. It holds all your essential info. The undated monthly calendars allow you to start anytime, making it yours. The kit includes chic accessories, from a gold tray box to paper clips. Get organized and inspired today!

Stamp Pad

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The stamp pad streamlines your workflow, enhancing productivity and ensuring precise stamping results. The size of the stamp pad is about 2.75 inches by 4.25 inches.

It has enough space for stamps and ink. It’s easy to re-ink with compatible 2000 PLUS roll-on ink when needed. Make stamping easier with this reliable stamp pad that performs well.


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This planner is 9″ x 10″ with a stylish foil-covered hardcover. It also has a color-coordinated elastic closure and a convenient pocket. It has a sticker sheet, goal planning pages, and artistic accents. Here, you can find summaries for each month. There are schedules for each week.

You’ll also find a yearly overview. Plus, there are references for holidays and moon phases. Stay organized and inspired with this planner. It has goal-setting sections, note pages, grids, and contact lists. You can have a great year with an eco-friendly calendar made from sustainable materials.


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Explore the world of Traceease templates, the ultimate drawing companions. Artisans build these templates to last, using robust, easy-to-clean plastic. The clear yellow design helps you see and line up your drawings. You can create precise shapes using a pack of 6 arrow templates.

Each template is 1.5mm thick. Besides, the templates have measurements and labeled cutouts. The template makes drawing precise shapes easier without extra tools. Simplify your drawing tasks with Traceease templates.

USB Flash Drive

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The Bar Plus USB 3.1 drive provides lightning-fast, simplifying file transfers. It can move a 3 G.B. 4K UHD video to your P.C. in 10 seconds. The designers of this device have designed it to last and keep your data safe.

It has a strong metal body and a built-in keyring to prevent loss. The drive looks nice and is tough. It can handle water, shocks, heat, magnets, and X-rays. Your important data will always be safe. Choose the Bar Plus for fast and reliable data storage.

Calendar Board

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The premium magnetic dry-erase board combines durability with functionality. The board is strong and easy to clean, perfect for home, office, classroom, or business. Additionally, it can work as a bulletin board since it has magnets for posting notes and messages.

The elegant white wood decor frame adds a touch of sophistication. This board is easy to install with the included hardware and instructions. You can add it to any space to add a stylish touch.

Custom Bookmark

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Have special bookmarks with your name on them. Recycled wire makes them very unique. These bookmarks add a distinctive flair to your books, journals, planners, and more.

These gifts are perfect for teachers, students, and book lovers. They are great for birthdays and holidays. You can choose from 12 wire colors. Make your books special with these wire bookmarks that make reading better.


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The iconic Rio Red metal stapler is built for durability with all-metal construction. Its designed inner rail ensures jam-resistant and precise stapling. The stapler can hold 210 staples and has a low-staple indicator.

It can fasten up to 30 sheets of paper using standard Swingline S.F. 4 Premium Staples. It can also attach papers to bulletin boards and make temporary pins by flipping the anvil. This versatile and dependable stapler is a perfect addition to your workspace.

Desktop Calculator

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This calculator features a bright 8-digit LCD for easy reading. It performs six functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage, and square root.

The buttons are easy to use and durable, perfect for all ages, including children. Also, the device’s design lets it rest flat on a desk, countertop, or table. The calculator makes it convenient to access and use for your calculations.

Fountain Pen

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Meet the Jotter’s iconic design reborn as a fountain pen. Crafted with a sleek stainless steel barrel, it wears an elegant silhouette. Its nib, resembling a feather, lets you savor the delight of writing with a fountain pen.

Equipped with a medium nib, it even includes two petite cartridges of water-based blue ink. All this arrives in a one-of-a-kind Parker gift box.

Glue Sticks

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The Glue is a sticky substance that you can use to stick cardboard and paper together. The product is solid, strong, and easy to clean with soap and water. This Glue dries and leaves no visible residue behind.

It is safe at home or office because it is non-toxic and acid-free. It won’t damage photos, either. Elmer’s Plastic Glue is the best choice for crafting and work tasks. It bonds well and is easy to clean.

Label Maker

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A label maker makes life easier. It helps the students to organize items by labeling them. This tool is small and easy to carry, with a keyboard that’s easy to use. The display is clear and has 12 characters.

You can customize it with nine font styles, ten framing options, and over 200 symbols. It also has eight special DECO mode patterns that boost creativity and expression.


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This set is great for beginners. It has 20 Cotman watercolors that are transparent and lightfast. You can use these paints with Winsor & Newton watercolor mediums. They help create unique effects.

They meet high-quality standards and are affordable because they use cost-effective pigments. These paints are great for beginners because they are vibrant and easy to use. This set is perfect for new artists. It includes colors like Lemon Yellow Hue, Ultramarine, and Hooker’s Green Light.

Calligraphy Pen Set

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This set is great for new and experienced artists. These tools are perfect for calligraphy, card making, and hand lettering. They’re also great for mixed media. You get 6 Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens. Each pen has a 2.5 mm chisel-edge tip in bright colors.

These pens have intense ink that doesn’t fade, smudge, or wash away. They are odorless, acid-free, and pH-neutral. Beginners get help with angles, hand positioning, and calligraphy techniques.

Customize Name Tag Sticker

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Personalize name labels for your child with a simple ‘Customize Now’ feature. You can label school supplies, toys, and other things using these stickers. This will make organizing faster and simpler.

Made of strong PVC material, they can handle water, oil, and wear, lasting long. Stick them on bottles, lunchboxes, and school gear for added convenience. Use customizable, durable name labels to make it easy to find your child’s things.

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