Updated: April 9, 2024

28 Cat Carrier Backpacks for your Feline Adventures!

Cat Carrier Backpacks for travel

Welcome to the world of Cat Carrier Backpacks! If you love exploring the great outdoors with your furry friend or enjoy strolling through the city streets together, a Cat Carrier Backpack is the perfect companion for all your escapades.

  • Cat Carrier Backpack pro
  • Secure and safe design
  • Ventilated comfort
  • Ergonomic for owners
  • Versatile and stylish

Cat Carrier Backpack provides superior ventilation and a comfortable environment for your furry friend. Its ergonomic design and padded shoulder straps provide unmatched comfort, making long journeys a breeze.

Texsens Pet Carriers

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Texsens introduces the Pet Backpack, a cozy and breathable carrier for pets up to 15 lbs (dogs) or 18 lbs (cats). It featured PVC mesh for ventilation, comfortable chest buckles, and a removable cozy mat. It’s perfect for small to medium-sized pets. The Backpack is Durable and scratch-resistant. It ensures a safe and stylish adventure for your furry companions.

PetSafe Happy Ride

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Take your pet on unforgettable adventures with Pet Backpack! They’ll be cozy on the cushy mat while enjoying the breeze through mesh windows. Safety is paramount with the harness tether and seat belt loop for car rides. Sturdiness is guaranteed by fiberglass rods, and you can reward your furry friend through the treat access point. Store goodies in the convenient zipper pouch. Perfect for cats and dogs up to 20 pounds. Get ready to explore together! Dimensions: 12” x 13” x 17”.

K&H Pet Products

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Meet the Travel Bike Backpack, the perfect companion for biking with your pet (up to 15 lbs)! It’s an all-in-one package with a front bicycle mount (rear mount sold separately). If you want a break from biking, no worries! Easily detach the Backpack and take your furry friend hiking or on any adventure. Stay organized with convenient mesh pockets on both sides. The front mesh window lets your pet enjoy the breeze and views while staying secure with the built-in tether. Get ready to explore the world together!

BMX Bubble Backpack

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This pet bag is 13-11.5-17 inches, making it ideal for small pets weighing up to 16 pounds. Crafted with high-quality PC material and EVA reinforcement for comfort and no pressure. It featured an Innovative design with a transparent window for pet observation. It has a side zipper mesh pocket for ventilation and easy access. It is upgraded with a fixed ring for effortless cleaning. Travel with your furry friend in style and comfort!

Beige Cat Travel Bag

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Unleash the charm of a cat backpack. It is crafted with lightweight, eco-friendly Oxford fabric for durability and easy carrying. Versatile carrying options and four trendy colors make it a stylish choice. Your pet’s comfort is ensured with breathable mesh material. Multiple zipper openings add convenience, and it doubles as a cozy pet bed. Share precious memories with your feline companion on the go!

PetAmi Pet Carrier

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The pet backpack is designed for comfort and convenience during hikes, travels, vet visits, or park outings. It fits cats, small dogs, and other small/medium-sized pets. The Backpack features excellent ventilation, easy access, and a cozy Sherpa-lined bed. Safety is ensured with a reinforced structure and a secure strap. This bag has added padding for comfort on long trips and includes side pouches, a front pocket, and a collapsible pet bowl for organization. The product is made from durable polyester. It comes in various popular colors for you and your pet to have a fantastic adventure together.

Gaorui Cat Dog Carrier

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The pet bag is made of safe, breathable Oxford cloth. The Backpack is protected from biting and scratching thanks to its hard space capsule shell. It provides a comfortable and fresh experience for your cute pet. The side window ensures excellent ventilation and lets your pet enjoy the outside view. This foldable bag offers a spacious, cozy space tailored to your pet’s cuddling habits. The roller shutters keep them warm in winter and provide ventilation when needed. It’s perfect for daily outings, travel, camping, and all your pet’s adventures.

LOKASS Large Portable Pet Carriers

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Discover LOKASS Carrier – the suitable travel companion for your furry friend! Eight breathable meshes and a removable honeycomb window ensure fresh air and comfort. The Carrier is airline-approved, spacious, and conveniently equipped with four accessory pockets. Easy access from the top and sides makes it ideal for unvaccinated pets. And the ergonomic design ensures comfort for both pet and owner. The removable bottom panel lets you flip the furry side down on hot days or the furry side up on windy, chilly days. The bottom of the Carrier features a leash tether, which allows you to keep the zipper unzipped without fear of your cat escaping. Embark on exciting journeys together with PetVenture Carrier!

Kundu Travel Carrier 

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Meet the Kundu Pete Carrier – an airline-approved, versatile travel solution for your pet! Choose from three easy carrying options: telescoping handle, backpack style, or strap handle. Your pet will enjoy a relaxed and comfortable ride with breathable mesh panels. The durable materials and high-quality wheels ensure reliability. The Carrier includes two large pockets to keep all their essentials close. Exterior: 13″ x 12″ x 20″ and Interior: 12″ x 11″ x 18″. Suitable for pets up to 10 lbs. Embark on adventures together with the Carrier!

Armarkat Pets Backpack 

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This pink pet carrier with gray trim is made with durability in mind. It has a soft-sided design. It ensures safety with an included tether while its telescoping handle stores away. The Carrier features side storage pouches for your pet’s extras and measures 17 “L x 11” W x 11 “H. Perfect for small to medium-sized pets, this versatile and stylish Carrier promises comfortable and memorable adventures together.

Kenneth Travel Pet Carrier

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Unleash the perfect travel experience for your pet! This Carrier is ideal for pets up to 18 lbs, featuring a stylish, durable design with golden accents. Your furry friend can easily peek out from the mesh pocket, while dual side entries offer convenience. They’ll enjoy a roomy and cozy space with a washable bottom mat. Safety is guaranteed with a built-in leash attachment. This fabulous and functional Carrier lets your pet travel in safety and security!

Kurgo G-Train – Cat & Dog Backpack

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It is introducing the ultimate Hands-Free Pet Backpack Carrier for small dogs up to 25 lbs. It offers a waterproof bottom, water-resistant top, and swivel tether for safety. Padded compartments ensure comfort for pets and belongings. Use it as a backpack or Carrier, with top and front grab handles and storage pockets. Safety comes first with a built-in tether. Prepare for your outdoor excursions with your beloved pet by checking the dimensions of your gear: 13 inches wide, 21 inches high, and 10 inches deep.

LWZ Portable Cat Carrier Bag

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Experience the perfect blend of style and convenience with the incredible pet bag! The bag is Crafted from durable materials with breathable mesh for fresh air. Stay organized with handy pockets and ventilated windows for snacks and exploration. Versatile as a handbag or Backpack, perfect for various transportation modes. Easy cleaning with its dark color and safety guarantees your pet’s protection and happiness. Give your furry friend the ultimate travel experience with this trendy and comfy pet bag!

Shiningirl Pet Backpack

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Get ready for pet adventures like never before with an amazing pet bag! It has an expandable back and see-through design, so your furry friend can enjoy the view while resting comfortably. They are crafted from tough, waterproof Oxford fabric with top mesh openings and side holes for proper airflow. The back expands for more space and scenic sights, doubling as a cozy tent bed. Suitable for small to medium pets up to 22 lbs. This innovative and versatile pet bag makes your pet’s travel experience unforgettable!

TOPSOSO Fashion Shop

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Discover our top-notch Pet Carrier – a perfect blend of waterproof PVC and breathable Mesh Fabric. This comfortable Backpack is designed for dogs and cats. It featured ventilation holes for their comfort. With adjustable straps, carrying becomes a breeze. Safety is ensured with mesh and transparent windows. The outer surface protects against scratches. The carry bag size is 12.6 “, 11.4 ” 16.9″. Elevate your pet’s travel experience with this stylish and convenient pet carrier!

ACQUIRE Portable Backpack

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Get ready for hassle-free pet travel with our fantastic pet bag! It offers spacious comfort, breathability, and convenience. With its large capacity and wide field of vision, it’s perfect for walks, hikes, trips, or vet visits. Your furry friend will love the fresh air and scenic views. Grab this must-have bag for delightful adventures with your beloved pet!

ACQUIRE Pet Backpack Breathable

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Experience hassle-free pet travel with Acquire Backpack! Creases disappear after use, ensuring a neat look. The transparent mask provides a wide view for your pet, while the side pocket stores snacks and doubles as a window. Adjustable straps and a carrying handle make it easy to carry. Take your furry friend on adventures with this convenient and stylish pet travel bag!

Texsens Innovative

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Experience pet travel like never before with the revolutionary semi-sphere window pet carrier! It is perfect for small cats and dogs and keeps them safe and engaged with the outside world. Eco-friendly and comfortable with adjustable straps and a handle for easy carrying. Safety and convenience are top-notch. It features a built-in security leash, mesh panels, and ventilation holes. Take your furry friend on all your adventures with style! The Carrier’s dimensions are 13.4 ” x 10.2 ” x 16.9 “, suitable for cats up to 13 pounds. Upgrade your pet’s travel experience with this trendy and practical pet carrier!

Transparent Cat Out Backpack

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Experience the unique space capsule pet carrier, ensuring your furry friend feels safe and comfortable with a comprehensive view. Perfect for hiking, cycling, and walking – wear it in front or behind for convenience. Enjoy better air circulation and scratch resistance while the sweat-absorbent straps reduce pressure. This versatile pet backpack is ideal for outdoor adventures like cycling, hiking, camping, and walks, allowing you to bring your pet along for every exciting journey!

JZRH Cat Bag Space Capsule

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Discover a high-value cat nest – a perfect blend of style and comfort. Lightweight and easy to carry, it offers four-sided ventilation for your pet’s well-being. The visual window lets you keep a close eye on your furry friend. Switch between portable and shoulder modes effortlessly for any occasion. This cat bag is all about convenience and happiness for you and your beloved pet during outings!

GJKGG Pet Acrylic Backpack

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Discover the perfect pet backpack for cats under 16 pounds! The space capsule design provides security and a wider view, while the ventilation holes and nets ensure fresh air. Keep your furry friend close with the front placement for comforting moments. It’s airline-approved for most carriers. Adjustable shoulder straps and ergonomic design offer comfort during hikes, cycling, and walks. Go hands-free and travel in style with your beloved pet by your side!

Dbest Airline Approved Tote Luggage

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Experience hassle-free pet travel with our durable and waterproof pet carrier! Its collapsible design allows for easy storage. The soft, machine-washable microfiber bedding provides a cozy spot for your pet. Perfect for vacations or vet visits, it fits under the airplane seat and includes a seat belt strap for car rides. With a handle that extends to 38″ and dimensions of L 21 x W 12 x H 12 inches, it’s suitable for pets up to 24 lbs, with a max capacity of 110 lbs. Travel in style and safety with your beloved pet!

BEdaw Cat Carrier Bag

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Discover the ultimate comfort for your pet with breathable pet backpack! Made from durable and waterproof materials, it’s perfect for all your adventures. The spacious capsule design can accommodate many cats or large dogs comfortably. Crafted from sturdy polymer nylon, it’s resistant to wear and scratches. Elevate your pet’s travel experience with this cozy and stylish pet nest backpack. You are making every outing a comfortable and enjoyable journey for your furry friend!

Transparent Dog Cabin Bag

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The Backpack is designed with safe and durable materials for worry-free adventures. Its 32 x 41 cm capacity makes it perfect for travel, camping, and hiking. The ventilation holes at the bottom ensure your pet breathes freely. Enjoy a hands-free journey with this comfortable and long-lasting pet backpack. This specially crafted dog backpack makes your pet’s travel experience the best.

Adjustable Bag for Cat

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The Chic pet backpack is crafted from breathable canvas with various sizes and colors. Keep your pet calm and happy with 360° breathability. Carry them safely on your chest, freeing your hands for convenience. The adjustable head design ensures a perfect fit without any discomfort. This portable pet bag guarantees comfort and coolness during summer trips. Enjoy fashionable and stress-free travels with your beloved furry friend!

Breathable and Foldable Carrier

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Discover the versatile and comfortable pet handbag made of eco-friendly Oxford fabric. Your furry friend will enjoy the breathable mesh design and cozy built-in cushion. The adjustable shoulder strap fits all sizes. The webbing design allows for easy fixing on a luggage cart. With a large capacity, it’s perfect for pets under 10 kg. Travel and worry-free with this ultimate pet carrier – hand-held or shoulder style. Bring convenience and comfort wherever you go with your beloved pet by your side!

Breathable Window Carrier

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This pet carrier bag is durable and can be easily folded for storage. It measures 41 x 29 x 29 CM. Your pet will stay comfortable and relaxed with the breathable mesh fabric. The firm shoulder strap and connection buckle ensure reliability and durability. Let your pet explore the outside world through the mesh window in this cute, comfy Backpack. Enjoy hassle-free and enjoyable adventures with your beloved pet!

Cat Carrier Backpacks

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The pet bag is made of safe and breathable Oxford cloth with anti-scratch nylon mesh, providing a comfortable and fresh experience for your cute pet. The side window ensures excellent ventilation and lets your pet enjoy the outside view. This foldable bag offers a spacious, cozy space tailored to your pet’s cuddling habits. The roller shutters keep them warm in winter and provide ventilation when needed. It’s perfect for daily outings, travel, camping, and all your pet’s adventures. Give your furry friend the best travel companion with our versatile and comfortable pet bag!


Whether you’re hiking through nature’s wonders, navigating bustling city streets, or jet-setting to new destinations, our Cat Carrier Backpack promises an unparalleled bonding experience with your furry companion. So gear up for unforgettable adventures and let your whiskered friend embark on thrilling journeys with you in our Cat Carrier Backpack!

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